Recent additions to GD Lucky Numbers

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    Please note: I've decided to start adding to this site again, but instead of trying to jump on every latest source that's being seeded, I'm simply going to work my way back chronologically through all of the Dead's shows and add one or two representative recordings of each one if they're decent. I won't be combing through each and every one, there's just not the time. As I said earlier, this site's just a starting point. Those interested in exploring further can click on the "check for other copies" link on a source's page and it will list all the other sources for that date that have been uploaded to I expect to be adding a fair number over the next few months until I hit the end of the Godchaux era, after which there won't be as many good recordings left to choose from.

    Added 5/12/2023:

            7/9/1995 (Pat Walsh)

            7/8/1995 (Pat Walsh)

            7/6/1995 (Mike Darby)