"A Word"

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This is not "The AUD Advocate". It is not the last word in good-sounding audience recordings of the Grateful Dead and it is very far from being the first. It is a word, just one among many - no more. The sources listed on this website are not intended as a destination, but as a starting point, one which will hopefully entice the AUD skeptic beyond the safe, sterile confines of soundboards into the incredible universe of audience recordings not just of the Dead, but all bands. There are many sources not listed on this site because they might cause the uninitiated to steer clear, but are nevertheless of very good quality. I strongly encourage you to seek them out and give them a chance. All it takes is a few minutes of immersion, and the once strange waters soon become the very stuff of life itself, lifting and carrying you on its surf to new adventures. May yours find you singing.