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Rough Diamonds
Definitely not the best audio quality, but that's more than made up for in energy, quality of performance, or something else that stands out.
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Date Shnid Stream Notes Taper
  Download) Lo-Qual Hi-Qual    
3/3/1968 9374 64 kbs VBR Fuckin' mind-melt.  15 minutes into Viola Lee Blues space folds, then explodes. Unknown
12/11/1969 91152 64 kbs VBR One of the clearest of this group.  Synthesized stereo from a mono source, mono availble. Rion Brady
3/21/1970 21779 64 kbs VBR Like all Port Chester shows, not pristine but high energy Ken & Judy Lee
7/xx/1970 106571   VBR Festival Express recordings.  Original quality nothing to brag about, but a nice audio snapshot. Unknown
6/24/1970 24602 64 kbs VBR Not pure by any means, but unbeatable energy.  Desert island tape. Ken & Judy Lee
8/19/1970 81605 64 kbs VBR Not pristine, but great example of early Dead energy.  Try it, you'll like it. ;-) Gene Taback
11/8/1970 28609 64 kbs VBR Another Port Chester; overlooked, but great show Ken & Judy Lee
8/21/1971 17179 64 kbs VBR Cipollina, Lesh, Hart, Weir, Garcia, Crosby - jam at Mickey Hart's barn Rick (no last name given)