Request a source for airplay on Sunshine Daydream
Good to Excellent Quality
Quality ranges from very listenable to just short of pristine.  Some could be mistaken for a board or FM broadcast.
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Date Shnid Stream Notes Taper
  Download) Lo-Qual Hi-Qual    
3/26/1968 6029 64 kbs VBR Very clear, slight hiss. Unknown
3/30/1968 14912 64 kbs VBR Primal Dead energy at its finest Unknown
3/31/1968 14913 64 kbs VBR Caution > Feedback > AWBYGN Unknown
8/5/1971 88859 64 kbs VBR For its age, excellent. Rawkin' '71. H. Caslow & C. Todd
8/6/1971 88816 64 kbs VBR Same venue, better recording, better show. Both rawk. ;-) H. Caslow & C. Todd
8/6/1971 94261 64 kbs VBR Lower gen seed of the same source. H. Caslow & C. Todd
4/29/1972 5250 64 kbs VBR Better than the board, for whatever that's worth. Unknown
7/1/1973 88528 64 kbs VBR Crystal clear MOTB recording H. Caslow & C. Todd
7/28/1973 100612   VBR First set through Playing in the Band - not pristine, but raw and live.  Some fun fan talk. :-) Jerry Moore
7/28/1973 106094   VBR Less depth than Moore's, but less wow and on pitch. From Garcia's master.  24 bit available. Unknown
5/21/1974 98822   VBR Much better recreation of the Wall of Sound than the SBD.  Amazing recording.  Sick Playin'. Pat Lee
6/23/1974 84615 64 kbs VBR As good as Jerry Moore's '74 recordings are, most have weak vocals. Not so with this one. Jerry Moore
7/21/1974 88979 64 kbs VBR MOTB - Clear instruments, slightly weak vocals Rob Bertrando
6/17/1975 97077 64 kbs VBR Slightly echoey, but otherwise a really nice recording. Bob Menke
7/16/1976 10377 64 kbs VBR Not perfect by any measure, but a really nice, live feel to it. Bob Menke
8/2/1976 245 64 kbs VBR For the period, this is a really good AUD. K. Gatto

Crystal clear, up front FOB recording.
10/15/1976 105824   VBR One of the very few excellent AUDs from the mid-70s.  Just shy of being pristine. Bob Menke
6/4/1977 97183 64 kbs VBR This is the first really good source for this show. Bob Menke
1/14/1978 105758   VBR Close to pristine.  Much better than the muffled soundboard. Reinhart Holwein
1/22/1978 101436   VBR For the period, this is a really good AUD. Reinhart Holwein
4/19/1978 94494 64 kbs VBR A very bright, clear AUD. It's the way you WISH a board would sound. Joanie Walker
4/22/1978 92808 64 kbs VBR Outstanding AUD. Slight muffling, otherwise almost as good as the 9/28/75 Falanga recording. Joanie Walker
5/6/1978 6711 64 kbs VBR For the period, this is a really good AUD. Steve Rolfe
5/11/1978 6317 64 kbs VBR For the period, this is a really good AUD. Unknown
8/31/1978 11480 64 kbs VBR Decent seventies AUDs - take 'em where you can get 'em. Unknown
9/13/1978 10155 64 kbs VBR Okay quality. Hamza al Din's soundcheck at Giza, so pretty interesting. Unknown
9/14/1978 6032 64 kbs VBR The first of the three Egypt shows. John D'Auria
9/15/1978 4160 64 kbs VBR For the period, this is a really good AUD. John D'Auria
9/16/1978 107305   VBR I actually like this better than Bear's recording; it's more dynamic.  Okay, now burn the heretic. Eldon Porray
64 kbs
Slight head cold quality, but still far better than your average '70's mic recording.
Joanie Walker
12/28/1978 19506 64 kbs VBR Good AUD tapes from the seventies are scarer than hens' teeth, this one should be given its due. Greg Schug
12/30/1978 19417 64 kbs VBR Again, it should be emphasized that this recording is good for the period. Greg Schug
1/10/1979 113114   VBR Ragged but right - not SBD-like, but raw, rowdy and joyous.  Hint: turn it up L O U D ! ! ! Bob Wagner
1/15/1979 90095 64 kbs VBR A surprisingly good AUD for this period. Steve Rolfe
1/18/1979 100209   VBR Excellent Miller transfer of excellent Rolfe recording.  Don't ask.  Just download. Steve Rolfe
5/12/1979 85220   VBR Respectable quality, typical of the year; a bit thin, clear but lacking low end.  Best source available. Barry Glassberg
6/30/1979 94386 64 kbs VBR Still not perfect, but a big upgrade from the source I used to have listed here. Rob Eaton
7/1/1979 105210   VBR Not the cleanest AUD, but gives you the feeling of being in the hall. Lacks SBD's compression. Bob Menke
9/1/1979 10363 64 kbs VBR Clear, if somewhat dry, AUD. Unknown
11/24/1979 106307   VBR If you just want the music, grab the SBD.  For the music and the show, you need this. :-) Bob Menke
12/11/1979 89166 64 kbs VBR Not perfect, but certainly good quality and enjoyable to listen to. Joanie Walker

Similar in quality to the Walker recording, but much less clipping - turn it up.
Mason Taylor
12/30/1979 18221 64 kbs VBR By late '79 AUDs start getting consistently good.  This is an example. Steve Rolfe
5/2/1980 96450 64 kbs VBR Distant and tinny vocals, but Jerry comes through clear, cutting and savage. Mandatory download. Barry Glassberg
5/4/1980 96910 64 kbs VBR This one demands respect.  Very solid sound, clear, live - what more could you ask for? Barry Glassberg
5/11/1980 97522 64 kbs VBR Some distortion, but up close and very personal. Barry Glassberg
5/12/1980 5922 64 kbs VBR The SBD is pristine, but sterile. This is good quality and breathes fresh, electric oxygen. :-) Steve Rolfe
6/5/1980 4663 64 kbs VBR Nice example of early Brent. Not too much crowd, clear but slight distortion. Unknown
6/8/1980 100260   VBR Not perfect, but very listenable.  This show made me a Deadhead.  15th anniversary show. Bob Morris
6/12/1980 11361 64 kbs VBR Very good recording. Mount St. Helens had its second eruption while the band was playing Fire. Unknown
6/13/1980 7196 64 kbs VBR Solid vocals, some very nice energy here. Check out the CC Rider in set 2. Unknown
6/14/1980 105537   VBR Very slight boominess doesn't detract from this otherwise excellent AUD.  Up close and personal. Bob Menke
9/3/1980 12576 64 kbs VBR Full, clear and undistorted. Jim Wise
9/6/1980 322   VBR Solid recording.  Unlike the SBD, on-pitch. Con: according to Jim Wise, Dolby not correctly encoded in transfer.
Steve Rolfe

Same mic source, different deck. Dolby B encoding problem corrected (see info text).
Jim Wise
10/27/1980 101293   VBR One of the few good AUDs from this run. Jim Wise
10/29/1980 101306   VBR Very clear, nice recording. Jim Wise
10/30/1980 101427   VBR Another excellent Jim Wise recording from this run Jim Wise
10/31/1980 101428   VBR I'd be lying if I said I thought this was better than the SBD.  Still, very enjoyable to listen to. Jim Wise
11/29/1980 101722   VBR Very close to the Wagner source in quality. Jim Wise
11/29/1980 90104 64 kbs VBR Again, not pristine, but pretty clear and good example of early '80s energy. Bob Wagner

Clean and powerful.  When Bob says he'll call down thunder and speak the same, you believe it.
Brian Schley
12/13/1980 88964 64 kbs VBR Another excellent 1980 show. Slightly tinny vocals, the rest is great. Joanie Walker
12/14/1980 89058 64 kbs VBR Some crowd noise, but Little Red Rooster should sell you. :-) Joanie Walker
12/26/1980 89260 64 kbs VBR This is for the "I want to hear what it was like to be at a GRATEFUL DEAD show" crowd. Joanie Walker
12/27/1980 89269 64 kbs VBR I'm listening to this on my headphones, and all I can think is, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow…" Joanie Walker
12/28/1980 107792   VBR Row 8 sound.  Phil heavy.  It doesn't get better than this. :-) Bob Wagner
3/2/1981 89119 64 kbs VBR Snaky feel, solid rhythm make up for tinny vocals. Very solid sound. MOTB Bob Wagner
3/3/1981 83828 64 kbs VBR Great, up front recording. M. Taylor & M. Radnor
3/3/1981 90473   VBR This recording's a LITTLE clearer than the Taylor/Radnor.  Both are excellent. Da Weez
82370 64 kbs VBR Not a perfect, but an energetic recording. Worth a listen. Barry Glassberg
3/9/1981 82372 64 kbs VBR The show that converted me to AUDs. MOTB. Barry Glassberg
3/9/1981 95060 64 kbs VBR Clearer, but less oomph than the Glassberg MOTB recording. Steve Rolfe
3/10/1981 82374 64 kbs VBR Same venue, same great Glassberg quality. MOTB. Barry Glassberg
3/12/1981 95243 64 kbs VBR Decent crowd component, clear high frequencies. More full-sounding than the Rolfe recording. Steve Rolfe
3/13/1981 90455 64 kbs VBR Definitely one of the better AUDs Bob Wagner
3/13/1981 99104   VBR Same clarity as the Wagner source, but lower volume.  That's good, though - less clipping. Steve Rolfe
3/14/1981 81340 64 kbs VBR On a par with the Glassberg recordings of this month Bob Wagner
3/14/1981 84826 64 kbs VBR Another fine Glassberg recording. Barry Glassberg
5/1/1981 99233   VBR Kicks the SBD's ass. Seriously. Jim Wise
5/1/1981 92415 64 kbs VBR Healy liked the Senns in Wise's recording. Tapers leaned to Naks, as in this source. Try both. :-) Bob Wagner
5/5/1981 28356 64 kbs VBR Another one with that early '80's energy. Doug Mow
5/11/1981 28355 64 kbs VBR Could use a tad more high frequency, but otherwise pretty good and up front. Doug Mow
5/16/1981 28007 64 kbs VBR "Telephone" vocals, but clear and powerful instruments. Up front, solid sound, great show. Doug Mow
5/16/1981 14714 64 kbs VBR This Sennheiser source has a bit more bottom, not as crisp as the Nak source. You decide. :-) Chris Wise
5/22/1981 9829 64 kbs VBR No nukes benefit. Acoustic. Very funny Wavy Gravy intro Unknown

All round good recording.  Not board-like, but very live and quite clear.  2nd set only.
Brian Schley
7/4/1981 2216 64 kbs VBR Not perfect, but definitely good quality and worth a listen. Unknown
7/4/1981 102022   VBR Very clear, if slightly compressed-sounding, recording. Bob Morris

Excellent record of 1981's wild and raucous ride.  Slighly tinny.  Set II only.
8/16/1981 94900 64 kbs VBR A bit echoey. AUD-heads will love it, SBD snobs will need some time to adjust. Unknown

Not a soundboard. An 8th row seat. Nice outdoor recording.
Doug LaMarre
9/11/1981 95743 64 kbs VBR Nice all-around sound. More full-sounding than the previous Nak 300 release. Joanie Walker
9/12/1981 95671 64 kbs VBR Wise's recording is good, but this is much clearer. Joanie Walker
9/12/1981 105584   VBR All due respect to Joanie, but this one's got B A L L S ! ! !  The pick of the bunch. Bob Wagner
9/13/1981 102437   VBR Listen to the SBD (which for the era isn't bad), then this.  It's like the earmuffs come off. Jim Wise
9/13/1981 105585   VBR 9/12 Walker a bit too dull; 9/13 Wise a bit too bright.  Wagner hits the sweet spot both nights! :-D Bob Wagner
10/15/1981 79933 64 kbs VBR Killer Phil bottleneck space. Unknown
10/16/1981 80060 64 kbs VBR Third Melkweg show, the one everyone remembers. Unknown

Solid sound with that spooky early '80's echo. Brrrrrr... :-) (Second set only)
Richie Stankiewicz
2/19/1982 94395 64 kbs VBR Not quite as good as the next night's Rango Keshavan recording, but still a really good listen. Rango Keshavan
2/20/1982 13613 64 kbs VBR Willy recording. The two best are too close call, so I'm listing them both. Unknown
2/20/1982 94410 64 kbs VBR If there's a board of this floating around, I don't EVER want to find out. This is 100% definitive. Rango Keshavan
5/21/1982 109334   VBR "Telephone" vocals, but clear and powerful instruments. Up front, solid sound, great show. Bob Wagner
5/22/1982 109335   VBR Much better vocals than the previous night, instruments just as clear or better. Bob Wagner

Very clear representation of the dark, snaky year that was 1982.
Brian Schley
5/28/1982 87547 64 kbs VBR Not the best AUD, but decent and an unusual format and setlist. Boz Scaggs sings in set 2. Unknown
7/17/1982 102172   VBR A little rough around the edges compared to the next night, but still decent.  Phor Phil Phans. Jim Ho
7/18/1982 100727   VBR Very solid, punchy sound.  Phil and drums prominent, rest of band clear.  Loser rocks. Unknown
7/25/1982 80279 64 kbs VBR Strong Brent, some sound separation, up-close vocals. Slight tinniness. Jim Vita
7/25/1982 102502   VBR Just as good as the Vita recording, a bit clearer or brighter. Jim Wise
7/28/1982 4980 64 kbs VBR You feel like you're in the best seat in the house.  Taper spat at the beginning is a riot. Jim Wise
7/29/1982 4981 64 kbs VBR Red Rocks quality. :-) Occasional audible chatter, but mostly just music. No SBD available. Jim Wise

Clear Jerry, strong Phil.  What more could you ask for?  Great recording of a great show.
Frank Streeter

Slightly lower volume and slightly(!) faster speed, otherwise identical to Streeter recording.
Doug Lamarre
7/31/1982 19017 64 kbs VBR Nice overall sound, bias to high freqs. Good example of early '80's energy. Steven Martin
8/3/1982 5984 64 kbs VBR Could almost be mistaken for a matrix. Paul Hogan
8/10/1982 137540

VBR Slightly distant vocals, but has that dark goo, "X factor" sound. Very solid sound. Kenny Mance
9/5/1982 87210 64 kbs VBR Very up front and clear sound. Slight distortion keeps it off the "pristine" page. Unknown
9/17/1982 335 64 kbs VBR Clear, heroin-influenced jams Unknown

Another fine representation of this night.  On a par with FM broadcasts from this period.

Provides an excellent feel for the show and venue at more than decent quality.
Jim Morrone
10/9/1982 93682 64 kbs VBR This is a much better transfer of the Keshavan recording. Like the next night, better than the SBD. Rango Keshavan
10/10/1982 93732 64 kbs VBR New Miller transfer of Rango's excellent AUD recording. It and 10/9 are mandatory downloads. :-) Rango Keshavan
10/10/1982 109822   VBR Clear but not brittle, up front but not distorted.  "Just exactly perfect" :-D Bob Wagner

Another excellent source. Really hard to tell which is the better one here.
Walt Keeler
10/17/1982 18108 64 kbs VBR Hard to tell with this one. Punchy, up front, missing some highs. Unknown
3/25/1983 7350 64 kbs VBR NFS, killer FOB Unknown
4/16/1983 23851 64 kbs VBR Excellent recording. Stephen Stills rips out a screaming "Black Queen" on this one. Set 2 only. Charlie Miller
4/16/1983 7316 64 kbs VBR Nice, all around good sound. No one will call this a board, but it's a very nice AUD. Steve Rolfe
4/17/1983 117500   VBR Listening to this after the SBD is like the earmuffs coming off.  Stephen Stills "Love the 1 UR w/" Da Weez

To my ears this is the best circulating AUD.  No SBDs out there.  Listen and judge for yourself.
5/13/1983 94514 64 kbs VBR Excellent Rango Keshavan recording. Rango Keshavan
5/13/1983 96817 64kbs VBR Not as bright as the Keshavan recording.  Some may find this a plus, others not. Unknown
5/13/1983 32809 64kbs VBR A happy medium between the Keshavan and Poris recordings.  Phil's well represented, too. Mark McCue
5/14/1983 18225 64 kbs VBR All the AUDs from this show are good. D. Kramer & M. Field
5/14/1983 94515 64 kbs VBR Excellent Rango Keshavan recording. Definitely the best source, much fuller. Rango Keshavan
5/15/1983 2217 64 kbs VBR Good recording if slightly tinny. Check out the Slipknot, never heard one quite like it. Rango Keshavan
5/15/1983 94516 64 kbs VBR Again, this new transfer is definitely better - done by none other than Charlie Miller. Rango Keshavan
5/15/1983 96565 64 kbs VBR Less clear, but also less distorted than the Rango/Miller source.  Overall a good listen. Unknown
6/20/1983 32795 64 kbs VBR This show belongs in everyone's collection.  No SBDs, this to my ears is the best of the AUDs. Dean Grabski
6/21/1983 11491 64 kbs VBR 5 AUD sources circulate for this show, no SBDs.  Each has tradeoffs.  This sounds best to me. Unknown
6/22/1983 14908 64 kbs VBR Another example of why I love AKG's Tommy McKeown
6/22/1983 92208 64 kbs VBR A bit thin-sounding (i.e., could use more Phil), but otherwise a very clean sounding source. Andrew Faintych
6/24/1983 7291 64 kbs VBR Clear vocals, strong kick drums, a little more bass than the following night. Unknown
6/25/1983 11802 64 kbs VBR Good recording, good show. Clear vocals, strong kick drums. Unknown

Same show, slightly clearer recording.
Steve Hill
7/31/1983 96409 64 kbs VBR Anyone who has any doubts about this source should listen to the West LA Fadeaway - 'nuff sed. Rango Keshavan
8/20/1983 96387 64 kbs VBR Vocals and instruments are clear, undistorted and in your face.  Best Rango I've ever heard. Rango Keshavan
8/21/1983 10920 64 kbs VBR Up front bass and vocals. If it weren't for some slight distortion this would be in the "pristine" tab. Unknown
8/21/1983 95672 64 kbs VBR Maybe too much high frequencies for some people, just right for others. Decide for yourself. Michael Kirshner
9/2/1983 23854 64 kbs VBR Good recording, but vocals have a bit of that "telephone" quality. Mostly a good listen, though. Unknown
9/7/1993 102052   VBR Slightly fast recording, but less overdriven than the Beyer recording. Clear, solid, good separation. Bob Morris
9/7/1983 113550   VBR On pitch, clear instruments, tinny-ish vocals.  Wider dynamic range than Morris's, earmuffs off. :-) Bob Wagner
9/8/1983 111728   VBR Close up sound, clear highs, may or may not have slight distortion.  Excellent overall sound. Da Weez
9/8/1983 113684   VBR This night Bob got everything right - vocals, instruments, everything.  Pretty damn near perfect. Bob Wagner
9/10/1983 94508 64 kbs VBR Solid, if not perfect, recording. Bob Wagner
9/10/1983 96920 64 kbs VBR Crystal clear vocals.  Jerry's ax is a bit muffled, but Brent fans will love how up front his keys are. Dead John or Bonner
9/11/1983 23224 64 kbs VBR Up front FOB. Very nice listen. Jeff Silberman
9/11/1983 100454   VBR Not as full-sounding as the Silberman Senn recording, but decent. Unknown
9/11/1983 112783   VBR This falls somewhere between the Silberman and the Unknown recording for clarity and fullness. Da Weez
9/13/1983 110514   VBR If the vocals (not bad in themselves) were as clear as the instruments, this would be in "Pristine". Da Weez
9/24/1983 98303   VBR A truly magnificent recording, Phil and Brent especially.  Vocals slightly tinny, otherwise perfect. Yamaguchi, Poris
10/8/1983 97883 64 kbs VBR Great, full-sounding recording.  No known circulating board. Jeff Silberman
10/8/1983 100036   VBR This has all the depth and body of the Senn recording without any of the muddiness. Unknown
10/9/1983 101937   VBR Good recording, but vocals have a bit of that "telephone" quality. Mostly a good listen, though. chasingwilma
10/11/1983 118673   VBR Not as good as the SBD, but very, very good recording.  Sorry, can't find the right words. chasingwilma
10/12/1983 91125 64 kbs VBR Slightly boomy, but very acceptable substitute until an SBD or matrix becomes available Rob Eaton
10/12/1983 345 64 kbs VBR This is the best source for this show. Not perfect, but an enjoyable listen. Unknown

Very close in sound to the Eaton source. Might be "just exactly perfect".
10/14/1983 20023 64 kbs VBR Solid recording.  Phil and Brent lovers will eat this up.  Jerry's lower in mix, but still clear. Ficca, Brennan
10/15/1983 93751 64 kbs VBR Weaker vocals than the Mow source, but Jerry's guitar and Brent are much better on this. Jeff Silberman
10/18/1983 91344 64 kbs VBR This lacks a little high range, but overall solid, punchy. Rob Eaton
10/20/1983 19515 64 kbs VBR None of the recordings of this are what I'd call "spectacular", but this one sounds nice.  Try it. Ficca, Brennan
10/21/1983 19156 64 kbs VBR Similar quality to previous night.  IMHO, the best of the night. Ficca, Brennan
10/22/1983 111406   VBR Is this a literal record of the notes played?  No.  Does it capture the night's excitement?  Absolutely. :-) Da Weez
12/28/1983 99127   VBR Even a Walscoller has its limits.  This has a live feel missing from the board and sound excellent. Andrew Faintych
12/30/1983 109130   VBR Typical of excellent recordings for this period - bright and clear, but with solid middles and bass. Andrew Faintych
12/31/1983 79383 64 kbs VBR I used this for my radio promo. Todd Suraci, Mike G.
3/28/1984 27303 64 kbs VBR Missing a bit of the mid ranges, but overall good recording. Andrew Faintych
3/28/1984 109259   VBR More up close and clear than the Faintych (which is also good) - DaWeez strikes! :-D DaWeez
3/31/1984 98823   VBR This is a huge improvement over the draggy SBD.  Slight "head cold" sound compared to Nubar's. Rango Keshavan
3/31/1984 111289   VBR Brighter than Rango's, but a bit thin.  Still has punch. Nubar
4/7/1984 108618   VBR Good, crisp sound.  Could pass for FM quality from this era. Da Weez
4/13/1984 109288   VBR Another excellent recording from DaWeez.  Vocals a bit tinny. Da Weez
4/14/1984 34901 64 kbs VBR Clear, punchy, low crowd. Runs fast, though. Bill Koucky
4/14/1984 109331   VBR Not as crisp as Koucky's, but better-rounded and on pitch. DaWeez
4/16/1984 35048 64 kbs VBR The Shakedown alone on this is worth it. Bill Koucky
4/17/1984 90543 64 kbs VBR Lots of good AUD sources for this show, but I think this one's the best. Rob Eaton
4/21/1984 18253 64 kbs VBR Puts you right in row 8. :-) Rob Nawrocki

Nice Schoeps recordign that compares favorably with the Nawrocki recording
Dave Flaschner
4/29/1984 91146 64 kbs VBR Still not perfect, but a big upgrade from the source I used to have listed here. Rick Pauline
4/30/1984 91165 64 kbs VBR Another one that sounds like a live broadcast. Rick Pauline
6/14/1984 78371   VBR Up close and personal.  Slight swishiness in higher freqs, but still very good. Tony Suraci
6/21/1984 32640 64 kbs VBR Better than the FM Ray Ackerman
6/23/1984 14566 64 kbs VBR Can't decide between the two best sources, so I'm listing them both. This is the Nak 100 source. Unknown
6/23/1984 14951 64 kbs VBR Sennheiser 441 source. Naks or Senns? Brightness or gravitas? Pepsi or Coke? You choose. ;-) Unknown
7/3/1984 31634 64 kbs VBR Good all around representation of instruments and vocals. Ted Carpenter
7/4/1984 78958 64 kbs VBR This really belongs in the "pristine" section. All the stars came into alignment for this recording. Tony Suraci
7/15/1984 32295 64 kbs VBR Vocals and Phil are a trifle thin, but overall a really good recording. Jim Quirk
7/21/1984 112806   VBR Clear, balanced, very listenable.  Slightly thin, but only slighly. Da Weez
7/22/1984 102101   VBR Nice recording of a good show Greg Holtz
7/22/1984 108370   VBR Fuller and crisper than the Nak recording. Da Weez
10/6/1984 15573   VBR Very nice, overall balanced and clear recording.  Taped 30' in front of the board and sounds like it. Mike Grace
10/8/1984 91376 64 kbs VBR Though clearly an AUD, IMHO it's better than the board. Much more Phil, more lively and not flat. Rick Pauline
10/8/1984 94302 64 kbs VBR Not as up front or boomy as the Pauline source. Listen to space, you'll feel like you're right there. Steve Rolfe
10/8/1984 97535 64 kbs VBR Very clear, without the loud crowd noise of the other sources.  Not as bright, more balanced. Greg Holtz
10/11/1984 33825 64 kbs VBR Very much a "you are there" feeling. Very clear, strong, up front. Derek McCabe
10/11/1984 17411 64 kbs VBR Less dynamic than the Beyer, but cleaner with less crowd noise. Doug Oade
10/11/1984 94404 64 kbs VBR A happy medium for those who find the Beyer too up front but the Oade Schoeps too distant. Andrew Faintych
10/11/1984 99190   VBR Yet another great recording of this show.  Very hard to find a bad one. Steve Rolfe
10/11/1984 100420   VBR Yes, I know, it is a nice number. ;-)  Very nice recording, too. :-) Holtz, Bolton
10/12/1984 30192 64 kbs VBR Very up front, could just about put it in the "pristine" section. A tiny bit fast, but nothing major. Unknown
10/12/1984 91998   VBR This recording's a little more muffled, but still worth a listen. Steve Rolfe
10/12/1984 101952   VBR Another very good recording of this show. Greg Holtz
10/14/1984 98557   VBR Knock your socks off FOB Rick Pauline
10/14/1984 110042   VBR This has high freqs the Pauline source is missing.  One of several excellent pulls from this show. D5 Scott
10/15/1984 91434 64 kbs VBR Knock your socks off FOB Rick Pauline
10/15/1984 79023 64 kbs VBR Another taste test. Adam, Mark McCue
10/18/1984 17273 64 kbs VBR The recent Miller release sounds good, I just prefer crisper Naks over the slightly boomy Senns. Unknown
10/18/1984 91464 64 kbs VBR But just 'cause I'm such a nice guy I'm gonna let you judge for yourself. ;-) Rick Pauline
10/28/1984 106167   VBR Very clear, very powerful representation of this show. Joanie Walker
10/30/1984 106168   VBR X 2 what I just said for the above. Joanie Walker
12/29/1984 95694 64 kbs VBR How good is this? I replaced the Oade with it - that should tell you everything you need to know. Michael Kirshner
12/31/1984 96435 64 kbs VBR Better and clearer than the FM broadcast, IMHO. Russ Cansler
12/31/1984 105154   VBR On a par with the FM, without the annoying announcer interruptions. ;-p G. Holtz, T. Bolton
2/20/1985 5303 64 kbs VBR Really good, clean, all around sound. Try it, you'll like it. :-) Alan Powell
2/20/1985 83096 64 kbs VBR An equally good recording. Mark McCue
3/10/1985 83219 64 kbs VBR Good PA Deli Mike tape. Mike Kutic
3/10/1985 96594 64 kbs VBR Not as much bottom end as the Deli Mike tape, but much less boomy (sorry, Mike). Greg Holtz
3/12/1985 83444 64 kbs VBR This could be an FM. Mike Kutic
3/12/1985 96071 64 kbs VBR Again, you'll just have to stream this and the PA Deli Mike source to decide which you like best. Greg Holtz
3/24/1985 8461 64 kbs VBR Decent, though not spectacular for an Oade. That's to say, damn good on anyone else's scale. Doug Oade
3/24/1985 99178   VBR Clearer vocals than the Oade.  Crisp but not quite brittle.  Fine recording. Unknown
3/25/1985 14497 64 kbs VBR Missing some high frequencies, a tad boomy, but overall a very good recording. T. Danscuk, S. Barbella
3/25/1985 23222 64 kbs VBR Another very good recording of this show. Somewhat more balanced than the Nak 300 source. Jim & Doug Oade
3/27/1985 78403 64 kbs VBR Another bright, clear, energetic AUD. The Stella is must listen. Brian Mandel
3/28/1985 78436 64 kbs VBR A little boomy but still very good. Brian Mandel
3/28/1985 23443 64 kbs VBR Vocals are a little distant. Otherwise, this is a good, clean representation of the night's sound. Jim & Doug Oade
3/29/1985 78439 64 kbs VBR I won't say this is perfect, but it's very clear, bright and energetic. Brian Mandel
3/31/1985 8244 64 kbs VBR Oade - need I say more? Doug Oade
3/31/1985 30884 64 kbs VBR IMHO the best source for this show. David Minor
4/1/1985 23659 64 kbs VBR Oade - need I say more? Jim & Doug Oade
4/1/1985 5594 64 kbs VBR This runs a tiny bit fast, but has a snappy brightness not found in the Oade. Steven Ziemba
4/1/1985 87290 64 kbs VBR Somewhat brighter and more daring than the Oade. Runs the risk of being tinny at times. Joe D'Amico
4/4/1985 23848 64 kbs VBR Another great Oade recording. Jim & Doug Oade
4/6/1985 78851 64 kbs VBR Vocals a bit distant and boomy, but this has a real dark energy groove missing from the board. Tony Suraci
4/6/1985 33703 64 kbs VBR Somewhat crisper than the Beyer recording. Very energetic. Brian Mandel
4/6/1985 96803 64 kbs VBR No big bottoms, but clearer highs and less boom. Greg Holtz
4/8/1985 24227 64 kbs VBR Another great Oade recording. Jim & Doug Oade
4/13/1985 32595 64 kbs VBR Good Sennheiser sound. Could be mistaken for a Healy matrix. Mark McCue
4/13/1985 97199 64 kbs VBR This one takes the cake.  Crisp, clean, without sacrificing the midtones. Greg Holtz
4/14/1985 32621 64 kbs VBR Slightly smoother sound than the Holtz recording. Mark McCue
4/14/1985 97220 64 kbs VBR Not quite as clean as Holtz's recording of the previous night, but still excellent. Greg Holtz
4/27/1985 102035   VBR Vocals are a bit thin, but otherwise a fine recording. Greg Holtz
4/28/1985 102036   VBR Very nice, solid recording.  Like previous night, vocals are a bit thin. Greg Holtz
6/14/1985 24451 64 kbs VBR Excellent sound, especially for Phil phans.  Bombs and wall shaking rattles left and right. :-) Jim & Doug Oade
6/14/1985 105542   VBR This is brighter and clearer than the Oade, yet manages to avoid being brittle or distorted. Rango Keshavan
6/15/1985 97125 64 kbs VBR Somewhat more distorted than the Oade, but still a very good listen.  Stronger bass. Andrew Faintych
6/15/1985 33338 64 kbs VBR Has the clarity of the Oade, but not as up close and lacking some of the mid and lower freqs. Mark McCue
6/16/1985 9218 64 kbs VBR Flawless Oade recording. Highly recommended. Doug Oade
6/16/1985 105543   VBR The Oade's great, but my God - this one's got BALLS!  A must for Phil phans (NFS!). Rango Keshavan

Another powerful, present recording.  Clear with heavy bottom, clear top and full mids.
Andrew Fainteych
6/22/1985 86805 64 kbs VBR A little distant, but altogether clear.  On a par with FM broadcasts from this period. Greg Holtz
6/28/1985 33339 64 kbs VBR Probably the best AUD available of this show - and on pitch, which you can't say for the SBD. Mark McCue
7/1/1985 79649 64 kbs VBR Another great 1985 recording. Tony Suraci
8/30/1985 25470 64 kbs VBR Not as bright as the following night's Oade, but definitely fuller. Both sound great turned up. ;-) Jim & Doug Oade
8/30/1985 96289 64 kbs VBR Clear and full sound.  A must download. Mark McCue
8/31/1985 8237 64 kbs VBR A bit brighter than the previous night. Jim & Doug Oade
9/2/1985 26077 64 kbs VBR Clean and clear Oade sound. Jim & Doug Oade
9/3/1985 1681 64 kbs VBR Up front and in your face. Clear, if slightly compressed, sound. Charlie Connor
9/3/1985 7691 64 kbs VBR Another very good recording of this show. Somewhat more balanced than the Beyer recording. Jim & Doug Oade
9/5/1985 27680 64 kbs VBR Volume's a bit low, but otherwise that same, great, consistent Oade quality. Jim & Doug Oade
9/5/1985 106789   VBR A bit brighter and clearer than the Oade.  Excellent recording. Bob Morris
9/6/1985 28164 64 kbs VBR Could almost be in the pristine tab. Oade. Doug Oade
9/6/1985 106790   VBR I couldn't very well have the Oade here and not include this.  The two sound almost identical. Bob Morris
9/15/1985 13600 64 kbs VBR Could be mistaken for a matrix. Unknown
10/11/1985 79719 64 kbs VBR A bit brighter than the Oade. Both are good. Tony Suraci
10/28/1985 83672 64 kbs VBR A bright, live AUD sparkling with the pure energy that is a Grateful Dead show. Mike Kutic
10/29/1985 83024 64 kbs VBR If you've liked the "safer" AUDs, it's time to wade out into the surf where the real fun is. Mike Kutic
11/1/1985 9217 64 kbs VBR Compare the "Gloria" on this source with the Dick's Picks. You'll see why you need the AUD. Jim & Doug Oade
11/2/1985 91238 64 kbs VBR Could easily be mistaken for a mid-80's FM. Lucien Zaleski
11/2/1985 20663 64 kbs VBR A bit drier than the Senn recording, but still very good. Frankly, I'd take either AUD over the board. Jim & Doug Oade
11/4/1985 11880 64 kbs VBR Clear recording with lots of oomph and ambience (but not too much). Phil Unger
11/5/1985 21246 64 kbs VBR Oade - need I say more? Jim & Doug Oade

Very bright and clear, it's better than some of the mid-80's FM broadcasts I've heard.
Andrew Fainteych
11/8/1985 79024 64 kbs VBR Same energy as 3/27/85, but the volume's not overdriven. Tony Suraci
11/8/1985 22023 64 kbs VBR Clean Oade sound. Not as lively as the other two sources, but still very good. Jim & Doug Oade
11/8/1985 86547 64 kbs VBR A bit bright but nice overall sound. Actually, all of the sources for this show sound good. Andrew Faintych
11/10/1985 19212 64 kbs VBR Another fine Oade recording. Jim & Doug Oade
11/11/1985 19303 64 kbs VBR Another very fine Oade. Phil heavy, but not too much. Doug Oade

Close to SBD quality, slight swishiness in upper frequencies.
Jon Bernstein
12/30/1985 81314 64 kbs VBR Much more live than the board.  You feel like you're at the show, not in a recording studio. Unknown
2/8/1986 83804 64 kbs VBR This is the clearest AUD source for this show. Mike Kutic
2/8/1986 2987 64 kbs VBR This has less crowd, but also sounds more compressed. Taste test! :-) Unknown
2/12/1986 3302 64 kbs VBR Very solid sound. Not board-like, but clear and lively. Crowd is very unobtrusive. Unknown
2/14/1986 29477 64 kbs VBR Very solid sound. Not board-like, but clear and lively. Crowd is very unobtrusive. Charlie Connor
3/21/1986 5178 64 kbs VBR Not "just exactly perfect", but definitely worth a listen. Unknown
3/21/1986 107555   VBR Decent if slightly bright recording (Beyers).  Brent's Leslie takes front and center stage. D5 Scott
3/23/1986 102167   VBR No SBDs circulate for this show.  Of the AUDS, I prefer this one.  YMMV. Greg Holtz
3/24/1986 92275 64 kbs VBR A very live-sounding, exciting tape. A bit thin-sounding, but still pretty good. Danny Thompson
3/24/1986 7480   VBR Much more solid and fat sound than either the Thompson tape or the board. Missing Esau. Stephen Porter
3/25/1986 3188 64 kbs VBR Very clear and distinct instruments and vocals. Listening to the SBD is like putting on earmuffs. Charlie Connor
3/27/1986 87700 64 kbs VBR Another generally good AUD Joe D'Amico
3/28/1986 32520 64 kbs VBR This will sound very good to AUD fans, maybe a little muffled to others. Bill Koucky
3/28/1986 87706 64 kbs VBR Better than the previous night's recording. More bottom end, less distortion, high freqs still clear. Joe D'Amico
3/28/1986 88950 64 kbs VBR All the AUDs from this show are excellent. I THINK this one's the best. Danny Thompson
3/31/1986 88001 64 kbs VBR Very hard to find a bad recording from this period. Guess I'll have to keep looking. ;-) Joe D'Amico
4/1/1986 7342 64 kbs VBR Very excellent recording. A little too overdriven to make it to the "pristine" tab. Stephen Porter?
4/4/1986 79986 64 kbs VBR This is a great source, but really all of them for this show are. Tony Suraci
4/4/1986 87246 64 kbs VBR Vocals are a bit distant, but everything else is right up front and in your face. Brian Mandel
4/12/1986 13456 64 kbs VBR Really fantastic sound, guaranteed to please SBD snobs. Unknown
4/12/1986 85126 64 kbs VBR Excellent sound, about a half tone sharp. When I have time I'll do a pitch correction and seed it. Mark McCue
4/13/1986 13513 64 kbs VBR Almost impossible to tell this from a board. Unknown
4/22/1986 13583 64 kbs VBR A bit of echoiness and distance keeps this recording off the "pristine" tab. Unknown
5/3/1986 9626 64 kbs VBR Slight swishiness, but otherwise excellent. Unknown
5/11/1986 2317 64 kbs VBR Vocals are a bit distorted, but otherwise a fine recording. Charlie Connor
6/20/1986 22935 64 kbs VBR Excellent recording. Could have been an FM. Sean Weber-Small
6/21/1986 98673   VBR Has a live quality missing from the board; could have qualified as a mid-80's FM broadcast. M. Grace, A. Szvetecz
6/22/1986 100204   VBR Very strong, present recording.  Could qualify as an FM. M. Grace, A. Szvetecz
6/29/1986 76557 64 kbs VBR A bit rough around the edges, but good quality and definitely conveys the energy of the show. Charlie Connor
6/29/1986 104996   VBR All of the clarity of the Beyer source with none of the brittleness. Dave Cohen
6/30/1986 87521 64 kbs VBR Not too distant, not so close you feel you're getting beaten up. Not quite pristine, but very good. Unknown
6/30/1986 105003   VBR Brighter than the Miller source, but lacks some of its body.  My preferences change w/my mood. Dave Cohen
7/2/1986 82519 64 kbs VBR Misses the "pristine" page by a hair.  On the other hand, Phil phans will prefer this source. Danny Thompson

Solid FOB sound, slightly tinny but still good. First decent pull I've come across.
Roy Ackerman
3/26/1987 81450 64 kbs VBR A welcome replacement to the multigen, off-pitch SBD.  '87 AUDs rock! Tony Suraci
3/29/1987 77977 64 kbs VBR Very clear sound, audience energy but not overwhelming. Andrew Faintych
3/31/1987 89349 64 kbs VBR Now this is one damn find AUD!  Strong and clear, guaranteed to please Joe D'Amico
3/31/1987 81534 64 kbs VBR Con: more crowd; Pro - more crowd. ;-)  Still clear, but more of a "you are there" feel. Tony Suraci
4/2/1987 11804 64 kbs VBR This one really gives the board a run for its money. I think I prefer it to the SBD. Unknown
4/2/1987 99141   VBR The board beats just by the tip of a nose. Steve Rolfe
4/3/1987 89432 64 kbs VBR Good sound. Slightly overboard on the high freqs, but worth a listen. Joe D'Amico
4/3/1987 99165   VBR This and the other AUD are better than the board, IMHO Steve Rolfe
4/4/1987 78055   VBR Much crisper and clearer than the SBD.  Maybe a little too crisp for some, but excellent. Andrew Faintych
4/4/1987 99167   VBR This is the Goldilocks recording for those who find the SBD too dull and the Fishman too brittle. Steve Rolfe
4/17/1987 86837 64 kbs VBR Slightly tinny, otherwise great sound. John Corso
4/18/1987 87639 64 kbs VBR Tres, tres clear and fine. Lots of energy. Slight tinniness keeps it off the "pristine" tab. John Corso
4/19/1987 98052 64 kbs VBR I won't say this beats the Walscoller, but it gives it a serious run for its money. John Corso
5/2/1987 91858 64 kbs VBR This one is a serious rival to the Walscoller.  Download this and you won't miss the board. Unknown
5/2/1987 105509   VBR If Naks are too bright for you, this dark, punchy Schoeps source should do the trick. Michael Grace
5/9/1987 92165 64 kbs VBR The recording is very clear. Unfortunately, so are the handclaps. :-( Russ Cansler
6/14/1987 83990 64 kbs VBR Another great Danny Thompson recording. Danny Thompson
6/28/1987 105601   VBR No board available, but with a recording like this, who cares?  God bless the tapers. :-D Cohen, Lee
6/28/1987 8140 64 kbs VBR If the Cohen-Lee source is too bright for you, this may be just the medicine. Scott Bille
7/8/1987 1600 64 kbs VBR Other than lower volume, no way to tell this from the Healy matrix.  Another great '87 AUD. Unknown
7/12/1987 3422 64 kbs VBR Not sure this would have made the FM cut. Either way, this recording demands respect. Unknown

Again, not pristine, but all-around clear and good recording. Includes set with Dylan.
Dave Flaschner
7/24/1987 92568 64 kbs VBR A bit distorted but not bad. Also the only circulating source. Includes entire 3rd set with Dylan Russ Cansler
7/26/1987 98214 64 kbs VBR Finally, the entire show.  Previously only the Dylan set was available.  Not great, but good. Yamaguchi, Poris
8/12/1987 81967 64 kbs VBR Again, very clear and lots of good energy. Could have been an FM. Jon Pasternak
8/18/1987 12102 64 kbs VBR Solid sounding, about FM quality Unknown

Probably the definitive recording for this show. Natch, it's an Oade.
Jim and Doug Oade
9/7/1987 106821   VBR Not too many sources for this show out there.  This one's probably the best. Rango Keshavan
9/9/1987 90033 64 kbs VBR Very respectable sound. Not better than the SBD, but definitely a nice download to listen to. Joe D'Amico
9/9/1987 10161 64 kbs VBR More oomph and more well-rounded than the Nak 300 recording. I'd play this one on the radio. Unknown
9/18/1987 90241 64 kbs VBR SBD has the clarity, but this gives you the priceless crowd participation on Sugaree. Joe D'Amico
9/20/1987 90492   VBR Nothing wrong with the board, but this is a bit livelier. Joe D'Amico

The vocals are a bit boomy, but the instruments are clear and present. Only AUD on archive.org.
Jeff Bowen
11/14/1987 15823 64 kbs VBR Not many sources on my RAID survive Walker-Scotton-Miller upgrade. This did. Unknown
3/27/1988 88250 64 kbs VBR Decent sound. Clear instruments and vocals, unobtrusive crowd, undistorted. Like a mid-80's FM. Unknown
4/3/1988 109056   VBR Clear, solid, could use a little more mids and bottoms.  Overall very enjoyable listen. Jon Pasternak
4/5/1988 10073 64 kbs VBR All around, excellent live sound. Unknown
4/5/1988 109167   VBR Just as clear as the unknown recording, without as much crowd noise. Will please the pickiest. :) Jon Pasternak

This is definitely the best AUD of this show. Enough punch and clarity to make for a good listen.
Dave Flaschner

Vocals are a bit muffled, but the instruments are snappy, clear and up front.
Jeff Bowen

Solid, up front.  Despite slight distortion, could almost be mistaken for a board.
Jeff Bowen
6/22/1988 17349 64 kbs VBR Another good, up front FOB. Craig Camus
6/25/1988 8478 64 kbs VBR Excellent recording. Could have been an FM or matrix. Punchy Schoeps sound w/lots of Phil. Unknown
6/25/1988 107387   VBR Brent-heavy and up front vocals.  Less balanced than the Schoeps, more lively.  Interesting contrast. Zaleski, Kolodjelski
6/30/1988 414 64 kbs VBR This sounds like a good compromise between the next two sources. Unknown
6/30/1988 81533 64 kbs VBR A little tinny, but still up front and clear. Ray Ackerman
6/30/1988 80269 64 kbs VBR This one's a bit better, with more punch and bottom end. Set 2 only, though. Unknown
7/2/1988 106588   VBR Clear, bright source.  Not as good as the next night, but still an excellent recording. Bob Morris
7/3/1988 3325 64 kbs VBR This Beyer source is clearer than the Nak 300 source, but lacks its gravitas. Both are excellent. Charlie Connor
7/3/1988 92586 64 kbs VBR More mid-range punch than you'd expect in a Nak 300 source. A bit swishy, but overal good. Ted Carpenter
7/3/1988 107117   VBR Schoeps afficionadoes will love this source.  Clear, not too bright, rounder, solider sound. Dan Haugh
7/17/1988 9245 64 kbs VBR Better than the board. Less separation, but more punch, more energy, "fatter" sound. Sean Weber
7/29/1988 93970 64 kbs VBR PZMs aren't my favorite mics, but this recording deserves major, major respect. Russ Cansler
7/30/1988 21092 64 kbs VBR Excellent Reutelhuber recording - I'd take this over the board any old day. Bill Reutelhuber
7/30/1988 94495 64 kbs VBR Crisper than the Reutelhuber, but lacking some of its depth. Either beats the SBD to a pulp. Russ Cansler
7/31/1988 85999 64 kbs VBR Started out perfect, then taper moved. VERY Phil-heavy. Danny Thompson
8/26/1988 8215 64 kbs VBR Whatever you think of the performance, this recording is pure gold. Unknown
9/16/1988 105567   VBR The SBD has more clarity, but also more tape wow that kills it for me.  This is worth a listen. Zaleski, McCue
9/19/1988 90976 64 kbs VBR Not perfect, but solid recording with a lot of energy.  Clean enough sounding for most people. Joe D'Amico
10/20/1988 105858   VBR Not stellar quality, but okay.  Also the only circulating, complete recording. Alan Miller
12/28/1988 97099 64 kbs VBR This could use more bottom, but the mids and highs are clear.  Very slight distortion. Greg Holtz
2/12/1989 76126 64 kbs VBR Another good FOB. Mike French
4/2/1989 96554 64 kbs VBR Very live sounding, all instruments and vocals well represented. John Bleich
4/3/1989 89791 64 kbs VBR This just has a punch and energy that the SBD's missing. Also sounds damn good. Jon Pasternak
4/3/1989 96796 64 kbs VBR Another really good recording.  Strong high frequencies, up close sound. John Bleich
4/9/1989 83523 64 kbs VBR Gives the board a good run for its money. A bit more oomph, and almost all the clarity. Danny Thompson
4/11/1989 94240 64 kbs VBR A front row seat.  No, scratch that - a ride on a rollercoaster. :-) Greg Holtz
4/15/1989 106308   VBR Holtz's recording is the choice for 4/11, but 4/15 and 4/16 belong to Dave Cohen and Justin Lee. Cohen, Lee
4/16/1989 106339   VBR This and the 15th are clear, solid recordings.  Very enjoyable, put you right in the audience. Cohen, Lee
4/29/1989 9052 64 kbs VBR Not as in your face as the Holtz recording, but more balanced and actually somewhat better. Unknown
4/29/1989 76511 64 kbs VBR Good, solid FOB sound. Again, broadcast quality. Mike French
5/7/1989 99567   VBR Time/pitch stretch this to 101.991%, invert the right channel, and it'll sound "just exactly perfect". Keith Litzenberger

Worlds better than the bloodless SBD.  This has punch, clarity and adrenaline to spare.
Chuck Miller

Slight vocal distortions keep this off the pristine page.  Otherwise, "just exactly perfect".
Chuck Miller
7/2/1989 77444 64 kbs VBR Excellent Tim Alexander recording, taped right in the Phil Zone. An absolute must for Phil phans. Tim Alexander
7/2/1989 81459 64 kbs VBR Less Phil on this recording, but much clearer high frequencies. Danny Thompson
7/2/1989 30363 64 kbs VBR Not as dynamic as the MOTB, but less distortion. On its own merits it’s a very good recording. Unknown
7/4/1989 9045 64 kbs VBR If you can't afford Truckin' Up to Buffalo, this is a very fine substitute.  Official release still better. jon@archive.org
7/4/1989 101996   VBR This is probably the best of the available recordings for this show. John Bleich

Full frontal assault on your aural reception system. Strong, clear, powerful recording, great show.
Seremetcc And Bean
7/7/1989 10925 64 kbs VBR A well-rounded, good representation of the night's music.  Should satisfy the most picky… Unknown
7/7/1989 96994 64 kbs VBR …but this puts you right in the seventh row.  Drums can overpower sometimes, but small price. Andrew Faintych
7/12/1989 32130 64 kbs VBR Excellent, if slightly fast, recording. Boyd McHugh
7/15/1989 96609 64 kbs VBR Slightly muffled, but altogether a good recording. E. Wahba, P. Volkerding
7/15/1989 106500   VBR Definitely the clearer recording.  No "head cold" sound. Cohen, Lee
7/17/1989 92457 64 kbs VBR Much clearer than the 7/15 recording.  A bit compressed and monoish. Casey Coniff
7/17/1989 106490   VBR Repeater stack recording.  Extremely clear, dry, a bit mono-ish. Greg Holtz
7/18/1989 106491   VBR Repeater stack recording.  Extremely clear, dry, a bit mono-ish. Greg Holtz

A tad distorted, but otherwise excellent, clear, up front.
Kevin Tobin
8/4/1989 78877 64 kbs VBR Even better than the Koucky recording, with more punch to it. Try both and see which suits you. Jon Pasternak
8/4/1989 92598 64 kbs VBR A little distortion, but mostly just good, live sound. One of those "you are there" recordings. Casey Coniff
8/5/1989 3871 64 kbs VBR Tiny amount of distortion keeps this off the "pristine" page. Otherwise terrific. Unknown
8/5/1989 78865 64 kbs VBR The punch of the Schoeps and the crispness of the Senn recordings.  Best AUD for this show. Jon Pasternak
8/5/1989 92636 64 kbs VBR A little driness just keeps this off the "pristine" page. Otherwise, this is one excellent recording. Casey Coniff
8/6/1989 78852 64 kbs VBR A bit dry, but up front sound and vocals puts this source on the page. Jon Pasternak
8/17/1989 82800 64 kbs VBR Pretty damn excellent recording - could easily be mistaken for a matrix Mike Kutic
8/19/1989 83803 64 kbs VBR Full, up-close recording. Tiniest loss of higher frequencies keeps it off the pristine page. Mike Kutic
9/30/1989 97332 64 kbs VBR Slight muffling, but a very pleasant mid-range punch to this recording. Dave Barfield
10/9/1989 99647   VBR The only really good AUD I've heard of this night.  Those who were there have to hear this. Dave Barfield
10/18/1989 100218   VBR Slightly fast, but still a good all-around recording of the show. Dave Barfield
10/18/1989 101845   VBR Slightly clearer and closer to pitch than the Barfield recording. Keith Litzenberger
10/19/1989 101809   VBR Another great Litzenberger recording. Keith Litzenberger
12/9/1989 102174   VBR The SBD's better, but until you find it why not listen to this VERY excellent AUD? Jeff Bowen
12/10/1989 102175   VBR Ditto.  Get the SBDs of both shows if you can, but these AUDs are excellent, close to pristine. Jeff Bowen

Though slightly muffled, this source has none of the boominess or other problems of the others.
Gene Juteau
3/22/1990 7460 64 kbs VBR Not perfect, but pretty damn well near. Unknown
3/25/1990 28389 64 kbs VBR Nice, warm Schoeps sound. Clear vocals and instruments. Good all around sound. Ted Mattes
3/29/1990 91347 64 kbs VBR Overall, a very good, lively, clear recording. Not quite "pristine", but almost. Keith Litzenberger
4/2/1990 3299 64 kbs VBR This has healthy reverb and well-rounded sound. Slight vocal distortion is a small price to pay. Rob Nawrocki
5/5/1990 97423 64 kbs VBR Nice punch, fat bass, slight distortion on vocals.  All told a very good recording.  Set 1 only. Andrew Faintych
5/6/1990 116826   VBR Slightly more muffled than Lech's recording the previous night, but still very good. John Lech
6/8/1990 9630 64 kbs VBR Again, punchy, Phil driven, but very dry. Zero reverb and little crowd. Sean Weber
6/8/1990 94233 64 kbs VBR A little less Phil on this than the other source, clearer highs, a bit more balanced. Keith Litzenberger
6/8/1990 95184 64 kbs VBR Another excellent recording of this night by Alabama Bob. Alabama Bob
6/9/1990 95251 64 kbs VBR Alabama Bob strikes again! Alabama Bob
6/9/1990 111342   VBR A bit crisper than Bob's.  Both are excellent. Da Weez
6/10/1990 95449 64 kbs VBR And again! Is there no stopping this madman? ;-) Alabama Bob
6/10/1990 111344   VBR Same as previous night - slightly crisper than Bob's source, same depth and punch. Da Weez
6/10/1990 457 64 kbs VBR Another very good, punchy Schoeps recording. Unknown
6/15/1990 7762 64 kbs VBR Vocals a bit in the background. A little reverb, but definitely an earmuff quality to it.  Still good. Jill & Rob R.
6/16/1990 7763 64 kbs VBR Vocals a bit in the background. A little reverb, but definitely an earmuff quality to it.  Still good. Jill & Rob R.
6/16/1990 96407 64 kbs VBR Brighter and without the earmuff quality of the previous source, but also less sound separation. Savage, Litzenberger
6/17/1990 7764 64 kbs VBR Vocals a bit in the background. A little reverb, but definitely an earmuff quality to it.  Still good. Jill & Rob R.
6/17/1990 96420 64 kbs VBR Same as the previous night - brighter, but more homogenized than the Nak source. Savage, Litzenberger
6/23/1990 6945 64 kbs VBR Not pristine like the Sennheiser recording, but also good. Jill & Rob R.
6/23/1990 99648   VBR Excellent, punchy recording.  Could use more highs, but that's Healy's fault. Charlie Miller
6/24/1990 6946 64 kbs VBR Pros: punchy, distinct,in your face, almost no crowd; cons: a little too in your face. Unknown
6/24/1990 94258 64 kbs VBR I don't know which source is better. Am I less beat up, or do I want just a little more presence? Keith Litzenberger
6/24/1990 106896   VBR Pro: brighter than the Litzenberger; Con: less depth, slightly tinny vocals.  Still excellent. d5scott

The mics were right in front of the left repeater stack. Very clear, compressed, monoish.
Mike Darby
7/8/1990 97714 64 kbs VBR If you can't afford View From the Vault I, this should hold you until you can. Greg Holtz
7/16/1990 116444   VBR You definitely want this wide awake source, not the sleepy board. JB (John Bleich?)

If you don't mind a slight "smushed" sound, this otherwise clear recording is a good listen.
Dave Cohen and Justin Lee
9/7/1990 101018   VBR A tad distant sounding, but captures the excitement of the boys' return after Brent's death. John Bleich
9/8/1990 101148   VBR Same quality as previous night. John Bleich
9/14/1990 11810 64 kbs VBR Excellent, clear recording. Dave Brotman
9/14/1990 88942 64 kbs VBR Another taste test. :-) S. Weber, R. Katseff
9/15/1990 9047 64 kbs VBR Very good, but not spectacular recording. A bit echoey. Still a good listen. Dave Brotman
9/16/1990 88947 64 kbs VBR Sharp, snappy sound, Phil comes through loud and clear. Definitely worth a listen. tdarian
9/16/1990 9435 64 kbs VBR Low levels, but otherwise decent recording. You know where the volume knob is. :-) Dave Brotman
9/16/1990 97707 64 kbs VBR Okay, so I'm biased toward Keith - but this is still the best recording of the show. Keith Litzenberger
9/18/1990 9772 64 kbs VBR Very clear recording. Dave Brotman
9/18/1990 88968 64 kbs VBR Another excellent recording tdarian
9/19/1990 9988 64 kbs VBR Very clear recording. Unknown
9/20/1990 9989 64 kbs VBR SBD is better, but this is also very good and should satisfy the instant gratification crowd. :-) Dave Brotman
9/20/1990 96918 64 kbs VBR Vocals are slightly distant, but overall a good recording. M. Laurentius
10/13/1990 90031 64 kbs VBR A bit too much volume keeps this off the "pristine" page. Check it out, it's still excellent. Alf Houck
10/17/1990 92977 64 kbs VBR Vocals are a little distant. Otherwise, this is a good, clean representation of the night's sound. Greg Holtz
10/19/1990 90094 64 kbs VBR Another one that sounds like a live broadcast. Clear but not in your face. Alf Houck
10/22/1990 90745 64 kbs VBR The board sounds downright insipid compared to this. Alf Houck
10/24/1990 90754 64 kbs VBR After hearing another Nak source that kicks this run's boards, remember the name - Alf Houck. Alf Houck
10/28/1990 90833 64 kbs VBR Alf Houck. The man. The mission. The Naks. Alf Houck

Very clear, recorded from center repeater stack, so somewhat monoish.
Mike Darby

Same quality as the previous night'd Darby recording.
Mike Darby
12/27/1990 28385 64 kbs VBR Almost pristine. Set 2 only. JC Mahoney, D. O'Neill
3/21/1991 94179 64 kbs VBR Another very good Litzenberger recording. Check out the "Stir it Up" jam just before drums. Keith Litzenberger
4/4/1991 24711 64 kbs VBR Clear vocals and instruments, crowd present but not intrusive. Thomas Larson
4/27/1991 91055 64 kbs VBR Almost made it onto the "pristine" page. Set 2 only Unknown
4/28/1991 19161 64 kbs VBR Excellent FOB. Unknown

Could use a bit more bottom, but very clear and enjoyable to listen to.
John Lech
5/12/1991 9402/ 64 kbs VBR Another good FOB. Unknown
6/7/1991 10558   VBR For those who find the board too lifeless, this is a very acceptable alternative. Trew Rickers
6/9/1991 95641 64 kbs VBR Who needs boards when you've got recordings as good as this one?  I mean, really - who? J. Young, C. Brennecke
6/12/1991 94310 64 kbs VBR Another great Litzenberger recording. Keith Litzenberger
6/14/1991 94371 64 kbs VBR For a Litzenberger I'd have to give this a gentleman's B. For anyone else, I'd rate it a solid A. Keith Litzenberger
6/17/1991 95644 64 kbs VBR Catches the "HOE-LEE SHIIIIIIT!!!!!" atmosphere of the Eyes opener AND sounds excellent. J. Young, C. Brennecke
6/19/1991 19144 64 kbs VBR If all you've heard is the board, you still haven't heard this show.  Mandatory download. Unknown
6/24/1991 28394 64 kbs VBR Very good FOB. JC Mahoney, D. O'Neill
6/25/1991 28403 64 kbs VBR Same quality as previous night. JC Mahoney, D. O'Neill
6/25/1991 95647 64 kbs VBR This has an OMFG clarity to it.  Don't think, download.  Now. J. Young, C. Brennecke
6/28/1991 96359 64 kbs VBR Loud, raucous and in your face.  This ain't no stinkin' board - this is the GRATEFUL DEAD! J. Young, C. Brennecke
8/12/1991 96371 64 kbs VBR Phil phans will love this one.  Crank it and you'll think you're at the show. J. Young, C. Brennecke
8/13/1991 91678 64 kbs VBR Good recording, but slightly muffled, no crowd energy. Go w/the SBD if you can find it. Keith Litzenberger
8/14/1991 113427   VBR Weak Jerry vocals, otherwise most instruments and vocals are clear.  Occasional crowd convos. Da Weez
8/18/1991 94188 64 kbs VBR Another great Litzenberger recording. Keith Litzenberger
9/9/1991 96399 64 kbs VBR AUD fans will love it, newcomers, eh.  A welcome alternative to the bloodless SBD, though. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/10/1991 96422 64 kbs VBR Pro: pretty clear, good listen.  Con: a bit distant and echoey, low but audible crowd chatter. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/13/1991 97387 64 kbs VBR Description for 9/10/91 Young-Brennecke applies here and for the rest of the MSG run. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/14/1991 97388 64 kbs VBR Same tapers, same venue, same description. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/16/1991 97389 64 kbs VBR Same tapers, same venue, same description. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/17/1991 97390 64 kbs VBR Same tapers, same venue, same description. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/18/1991 97391 64 kbs VBR Same tapers, same venue, same description. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/18/1991 94309 64 kbs VBR A little constricted sounding, distant vocals. Still, quality's good and the playing is spectacular. Keith Litzenberger
9/20/1991 101438   VBR Clear though not pristine recording.  Lots of crowd energy. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/21/1991 85221 64 kbs VBR Really good recording, clear w/lots of energy.  Check out TLEO. Andrew Faintych
9/21/1991 101439   VBR Clear though not pristine recording.  Lots of crowd energy. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/22/1991 85223 64 kbs VBR Again, there's just more energy here than on the board. Also some excellent Bruce. Andrew Faintych
9/22/1991 101440   VBR Clearer than the previous two nights, closer to the stage.  Set I only. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/24/1991 101441   VBR Clear though not pristine recording.  Lots of crowd energy. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/25/1991 101442   VBR Clear though not pristine recording.  Lots of crowd energy. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/26/1991 101443   VBR Clear though not pristine recording.  Lots of crowd energy. J. Young, C. Brennecke
12/31/1991 94179 64 kbs VBR Not the best Litzenberger recording, but that's like saying not the best Maserati. ;-) Keith Litzenberger
3/2/1992 105675   VBR Clear keys, guitars and vocals.  Plenty of depth and punch, without sacrificing the high end. Trew Rickers
3/20/1992 76478 64 kbs VBR A little distant at times, and more than a few handclaps, but worth a listen.  Still beats the SBD. Unknown
3/21/1992 97542 64 kbs VBR Slightly distorted sounding, still worth a listen. Keith Litzenberger
3/21/1992 76484 64 kbs VBR Ditch the board and get this.  Brighter than the Litzenberger, liver than the board. Unknown
5/23/1992 14835 64 kbs VBR Not as clear as the SBD, but not nearly as sterile, either. Paul Tumolo

Similar to Miller's 5/31/92.  Why I prefer good AUDs to SBDs in the Vince era.
Chuck Miller

Same taper, same mics, same venue, same run, same great sound.
Chuck Miller

The 90's have far fewer terrible recordings, but far fewer excellent ones too.  This is excellent.
Chuck Miller
6/14/1992 105592   VBR Not as clear as the SBD, but not nearly as sterile, either.  Solid, punchy. Jon Pasternak

Everything I wrote for the next night's recording applies equally to this one.

Borderline pristine. Less punch than the Litzenberger (which may make it more desireable).
12/5/1992 8757 64 kbs VBR Great, up front recording. Unknown
12/6/1992 10381 64 kbs VBR Excellent, well-rounded recording. Unknown
12/6/1992 33956 64 kbs VBR Very similar in quality to the other source. Todd Evans
3/25/1993 34849 64 kbs VBR Puts you right up in the front. Punchy Schoeps sound.  High quality, very recommended. Todd Evans
5/14/1993 94259 64 kbs VBR Very good Litzenberger recording. Wouldn't call it pristine, but excellent. Keith Litzenberger
5/25/1993 19223 64 kbs VBR Excellent tape. Tom Bellanca
5/26/1993 84031 64 kbs VBR Another good FOB. Todd Evans
5/27/1993 91374 64 kbs VBR A bit more distorted than the other Litzenberger on the "pristine" page, but still very, very good. S. Fink, K. Litzenberger
5/27/1993 100800   VBR Up front and vibrant FOB.  REALLY good recording. T. Evans, J.Waddell
6/13/1993 116901   VBR Best circulating AUD to date for this show.  Clear, clean and live. Floater
6/15/1993 18984 64 kbs VBR Vocals are bit weak, but all in all a nice, well rounded recording. J. Young, C. Brennecke
6/16/1993 99165   VBR Very tasty recording, much more of a "you are there" feeling. Steve Rolfe
6/19/1993 16607 64 kbs VBR All around very good recording. A bit too much top and too little bottom, but overall fine. Unknown

Clear recording that captures the energy of the show. Close to matrix-like quality.
Mike Darby

Similar quality to the night before. Proof that a good Vince-era AUD always beats the SBD.
Mike Darby

Vocals are a bit more distant than the previous two nights. Still, wouldn't kick it out of bed.
Mike Darby
8/22/1993 97076 64 kbs VBR Another very clear Litzenberger recording.  Nice to finally have an alternative to the sterile board. S. Fink, K. Litzenberger
8/25/1993 94033 64 kbs VBR Another good Litzenberger recording. Keith Litzenberger
9/12/1993 24494   VBR Good all-around recording. Cousinit
9/14/1993 19237   VBR Much more solid and up-front recording than the previous night's. Cousinit
9/16/1993 8375 64 kbs VBR Check out the Days Between. Eliot Byron
9/17/1993 5704 64 kbs VBR Yet another great recording from this run. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/18/1993 5079 64 kbs VBR Very clear recording. J. Young, C. Brennecke
9/22/1993 97122 64 kbs VBR Weak bottom, punchy mids, clear highs.  Accurate representation of Vince-era mix. Keith Litzenberger

Short but very sweet recording. Set I only.
Charlie Miller
6/8/1994 117196   VBR Very clean, clear, live recording. Baker
6/10/1994 10067 64 kbs VBR Almost made it onto the "pristine" page. Unknown
6/18/1994 109217   VBR Strong low freqs, lots of depth, highs *slightly* muted but still clear.  Very nice recording. baker
7/3/1994 86000 64 kbs VBR Clear high freqs, obviously an AUD but a very good one. Neil Sturtevant (?)
7/13/1994 34299 64 kbs VBR Slight tinniness keeps it off the pristine tab. Could almost be a board. Bill Koucky
7/19/1994 92433 64 kbs VBR An upgrade to the source I previously posted here, much clearer. John Bleich
7/23/1994 574 64 kbs VBR You've never heard a Samba in the Rain like THIS Samba in the Rain. :-) Tim Buller
7/26/1994 10225 64 kbs VBR Not perfect, but definitely good quality and worth a listen. Slightly muffled sound. Chase Smith
8/1/1994 96433 64 kbs VBR Slightly boomy, but vocals and instruments come through clearly. Definite "you are there" feeling. Keith Litzenberger
8/3/1994 20291 64 kbs VBR Levels are a bit overdriven, but otherwise this is a clear, crisp, excellent recording. Dan Sisler
9/18/1994 10069 64 kbs VBR Levels are a bit overdriven, but otherwise this is a clear, crisp, excellent recording. Unknown
9/29/1994 15078 64 kbs VBR A bit too much volume keeps this off the "pristine" page. Still excellent. Dave Minor
10/1/1994 15079 64 kbs VBR Very solid, up front recording Dave Minor
10/2/1994 15111 64 kbs VBR Very solid, up front recording Dave Minor
10/3/1994 15112 64 kbs VBR Identical quality as the previous 2 nights. Excellent recording. Dave Minor
10/6/1994 79554 64 kbs VBR A bit too much volume keeps this off the "pristine" page. Still excellent. John Bleich
10/7/1994 97255 64 kbs VBR Slightly distant, but still good and definitely preferable to the sterility of a Vince-era board. Eliot Byron
10/7/1994 101803   VBR Of a comparable quality with the Byron recording. Keith Litzenberger
10/9/1994 132783
64 kbs VBR I'm not as into post-Healy AUDs as I used to be - but this restores my faith.
10/10/1994 88861 64 kbs VBR Marginally inferior quality to the next night's AKG recording keeps this off the "pristine" page. Tom McMinn
10/15/1994 96333 64 kbs VBR This is why people try to tape Front of Board - that clear, up front, in your face FOB sound. :-) Keith Litzenberger
10/15/1994 96457 64 kbs VBR Brighter than the Litzenberger source - maybe too bright for some.  You be the judge. John Bleich
10/19/1994 91913 64 kbs VBR Crisp and bright tones dominate.  More mids and lows and I'd put it on the "pristine" page. Chris LaPorte
3/18/1995 92015 64 kbs VBR Good all around representation of instruments and vocals. John Bleich
3/29/1995 16088 64 kbs VBR Very clear recording. Unknown
4/2/1995 91056 64 kbs VBR Very clear recording. Greg Holtz

Clear, punchy, ballsy recording. Why I always prefer AUD's post-Hornsby.
Andy Trate
5/19/1995 8874 64 kbs VBR Now this is one strong, clear recording! Unknown
5/20/1995 8875 64 kbs VBR A bit more muffled, but more up front than the next source. Choose wisely, son, choose wisely. ;) Unknown
5/20/1995 18798 64 kbs VBR Good AKG recording. Dan Sisler
5/21/1995 8876 64 kbs VBR Pros: up front, percussive, clear instruments and vocals. Cons: slightly muffled. Unknown
5/26/1995 35199 64 kbs VBR Very clear instruments and vocals, without sacrificing the bottom end. Unknown
5/26/1995 87601 64 kbs VBR Slightly muffled, but altogether a good recording. Mike Albright
5/28/1995 9992 64 kbs VBR Another punchy Schoeps recording. Very clear, not distorted. Unknown
5/28/1995 33569 64 kbs VBR Appears to be another transfer of the same Schoeps recording. Unknown
5/29/1995 10070 64 kbs VBR Identical quality as the previous night, i.e, excellent. Unknown
5/29/1995 34270 64 kbs VBR Appears to be another transfer of the same Schoeps recording. Unknown
5/29/1995 85419 64 kbs VBR Another Schoeps recording, this one not so in your face but still loud and punchy. Jones, Trigale, Cowan
6/2/1995 85533 64 kbs VBR Slightly muffled, but altogether a good recording. N. Sturtevant
6/3/1995 10153 64 kbs VBR Another very good recording. Unknown
6/4/1995 85723 64 kbs VBR No reason for an SBD when you have a recording like this. Some wind noise at times. N. Sturtevant

Slightly tinny, but has a lot of punch and clear vocals.
6/19/1995 85632 64 kbs VBR Solid bass and middles, acceptable highs. Should make the pickiest listener happy. Keith Litzenberger
6/24/1995 12271 64 kbs VBR Pretty good representation of the '95 sound. Wally Stine
6/30/1995 83114 64 kbs VBR Very up front sound. A few screams a bit too close to the mike, but otherwise pretty good. T. Evans, A. Gross
6/30/1995 92491 64 kbs VBR Never thought I'd say this, but this is somewhat more of a well-rounded sound than the Schoeps. Greg Holtz
7/2/1995 19592 64 kbs VBR "The Titanic sails at dawn…" The gate crash show, in brilliant stereo. :-( Unknown
7/2/1995 113283   VBR Approximately the same quality as the previous source. Mark Nutter
7/5/1995 1819 64 kbs VBR Can't speak to the quality of the show itself, but the recording is really good. Unknown