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Pristine AUDs
Could be mistaken for a board, matrix or FM broadcast
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Date Shnid Stream Notes Taper
  Download) Lo-Qual Hi-Qual    
5/3/1969 73 64 kbs VBR Low vocals.  Everything else, you'd swear it was a board. Unknown
11/13/1972 105812   VBR Perfect recording.  Period.  What else is there to say?  It's the Bear! Owsley "Bear" Stanley
9/28/1975 91769 64 kbs VBR Fantastic Bob Menke/Louis Falanga recording.  MOTB Bob Menke
9/14/1978 103625   VBR Full w/slight treble loss.  Missing most of Hamza's set.  Otherwise just exactly perfect.  24 bit available. Eldon Porray
9/16/1978 108845   VBR A Bear recording.  One of the few pre-OTS tapes that merits a "pristine" rating.  A GEMS production Owsley "Bear" Stanley
3/3/1981 90473   VBR FM or matrix quality.  Live, clear, energetic; balanced, rounded, polished.  "Just exactly perfect". :-))) Bob Wagner
10/20/1984 108304   VBR Up front, clear sound.  24 bit only. Ted Carpenter
4/14/1985 32621 64 kbs VBR Even better than previous night.  Punchy, up-front sound. Mark McCue
6/15/1985 24586 64 kbs VBR One of the best Oades ever. Jim & Doug Oade
9/7/1985 17078 64 kbs VBR Best recording of this Red Rocks run.  Also best show. Jim & Doug Oade
11/8/1985 87509 64 kbs VBR "Just exactly perfect".  Definitely my favorite source for this show. Joe D'Amico
5/4/1986 15234 64 kbs VBR You'll forget what a board is after you hear this. Unknown
5/10/1986 13817 64 kbs VBR You'll forget what a board is after you hear this. Andrew F.
4/4/1987 78055 64 kbs VBR Better than the average AUD.  Could qualify as a matrix. Andrew F.
8/12/1987 17354 64 kbs VBR This one is the keeper. Unknown
11/14/1987 15823 64 kbs VBR Matrix-like quality. Unknown
4/23/1988 16924 64 kbs VBR Matrix-like quality.  No - really. Unknown
4/24/1988 16887 64 kbs VBR Matrix-like quality.  No - really. Unknown
7/3/1988 106587   VBR This an NFS perfect recording.  No, really.  No - REALLY.  Streaming is believing. Bob Morris
7/29/1988 5395 64 kbs VBR "You effin' liar, this is NOT an AUD!" Unknown
7/7/1989 10925 64 kbs VBR Unbelievable.  If this really is an AUD, all the stars were in perfect alignment that night. Unknown
7/7/1989 96994 64 kbs VBR The highs are the tiniest bit less clear on this source, but sounds much fuller and more up front. Andrew F.
7/13/1989 32897 64 kbs VBR This is about as clear as a recording can get.  Often mistaken for a board or a matrix. Boyd McHugh
7/17/1989 106490   VBR Sounds just like a board, if slightly distorted.  Might actually be better than the board. Greg Holtz
7/18/1989 106491   VBR Sounds just like a board, if slightly distorted.  Might actually be better than the board. Greg Holtz
4/1/1990 3458 64 kbs VBR A very, very clean recording of a great show. Alan Wallace
5/5/1990 116818   VBR Missing a bit of the snap of the actual SBD.  Otherwise, utterly indistinguishable from a board. John Lech
6/23/1990 88105 64 kbs VBR Very sweet, punchy recording. G. Gordon
7/4/1990 8573 64 kbs VBR This is why I LOOOOOOVVE AKGs.  Sounds like a matrix. Chris Ladner
7/18/1990 97366 64 kbs VBR Other than a couple of minor blemishes, this source is "just exactly perfect". Cousinit
5/3/1991 91195 64 kbs VBR Just a tad more separation and you'd swear this was an SBD. Todd Evans
6/9/1991 95641 64 kbs VBR "Just exactly perfect" Clay Brennecke recording.  It's in this section for a reason - trust me. J. Young & C. Brennecke
6/20/1991 105023   VBR All the clarity and none of the sterility of the SBD.  A testament to Healy and the taper. Greg Holtz
6/20/1992 94214 64 kbs VBR Another great Litzenberger recording. Keith Litzenberger
6/29/1992 91644 64 kbs VBR Chuck the SBD and download this. Keith Litzenberger
10/7/1994 79019 64 kbs VBR "Just exactly perfect" John Bleich
10/11/1994 2620 64 kbs VBR This actually is better balanced and more enjoyable to listen to than the board, IMHO. Pete Delgado